Rollercoaster  (2011) is the allegorical narrative of the rollercoaster ride as a twisted journey of life dissected down with impressions from my own experience and reinstated into the narrative, behaving both true to and traitorous towards the individual frame compositions. I used blades, pins, glues, photo and spray-paint (and stencils) to give a nonlinear narrative of symbolic figments. The footage is a minute long at 1440 frames – as in film, but is printed out B/W 8cm by 6cm and could be considered a very long flipbook. [01:18]

Mirómorphose (2007) is a short progressive cell animation intended to give homage to Joan Miró i Ferrà. [00:37]

1 per 1 (2006) is an experimental animation using one dot per frame choreographed to digital noise mixed with an Ultrasound device hooked up to a torso to enhance the sound of the heart. This animation was submitted as my final assignment for the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and showed at the Ben-Gurion Airport the same year. [03:16]

Bad Luck (2006) is a progressive  cell animation of short deconstructed scenes from a narrative in order to experiment with reassociated humor. [01:04]

Wave Form (2006) synthesized sound  and spectrograph of sound.

Moving Room (2005) short stopmotion experiment shot on a Saturday.