Original Track Written by Dead Lilies
Vocals by Pablo Hernandez
Recorded at TOCA75 Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Filmed by Sandra McCurdy & Ian Sphor
Special Thanks to Gloria Zoldano – Gregory Trigo
Music Video Animations by Yotam Gilad
Music Video Cast (in order of appearance) :
Michelle Zoldano / Raphi Kammer / Pablo Hernandez / Aida Landeros / Fernanda Romero / Rachele Brooke Smith / Nashua Hunab Ku

Written by Pablo Hernandez/Fernanda Karolys/Abie Toiber
Vocals: Fernanda Karolys / Pablo Hernandez
Guest Electric Guitar: Marc Jordan
Produced by Abie Toiber at TOCA75 Studios, Los Angeles CA
Mixed by Alex Todorov
Mastered by Peter Doell at Universal Music Group

Music Video:

Guest Appearances by Lindsey Thomas, Gina Katon
Los Angeles Talent Directed by Aaron Platt
Animated City created by Yotam Gilad and Pablo Hernandez
Post Production by Walter Ponzo Ferrari
Post Production Supervisor Ken Robinson
Art Direction Pablo Hernandez

“Nocturnal” by Dinosaur Angle  (2012), composition of ephemeral movies.

Bees (2008) a short video interpretation of the individual vs. collective conflict.

Television Extractions (2008) recently exhibited with TIME IS LOVE.6 (Curator: Kisito Assagni) at various galleries and showings in different countries. As mentioned in the portfolio (Link) the videois approximately one minute of still photographs that captured different cable television programs. Chronology by John Zorn from the album Spy vs. Spy (1989) is the accompanying music.

In appreciation for Boards of Canada – Gyroscope from their album Geogaddi (2002)

Rain Drive (2007) Location: Car. Audio: Looped sampled from Crass – Securicor (‘The Feeding of the 5000’ – 1978 album) interrupted by police radio transmissions.

Sweeping Remains (2006) is a video performance, which took place in an early 20th century building housing craft shops and a studio complex at the Mahaneh Yehuda Farmers’ Market in Jerusalem. I had established relationships with some of the tenant artists and craftsmen in the building. The shops and studios were due for demolition to provide more parking spaces in the vicinity of the market in Jerusalem. This project was a result of fascination with the ruins of the abandoned building complex as observed from the artist’s living room window during its demolition process. The footage runs just under a minute. The figure comes into frame by silence and darkness and travels into the far end of the hall sweeping and jumping over holes as he travels in reverse while the recorded sound is played from the original beginning to end, when setting aside the broom, he finally climbs and disappears into a small, central cupboard closet of the facing wall. This video performance touches once again on the subject of identity as an assembling-reassembling-disassembling nature.

Cats a Falling Star (2006) Location: Jerusalem. Audio: Looped sample from Catch a Falling Star.
Search (2004) Created by Yotam Gilad & Hen Rom.
Untitled (2004) Created by Yotam Gilad & Hen Rom.

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